Assessment of Public awareness for Guinea Worm Disease Reporting - Nigeria, 2010

Background: Nigeria eliminated Guinea worm disease (GWD), a debilitating disease earmarked for eradication by the World Health Organization in 2008. Criteria for certification for GWD eradication include adequate general public awareness for GWD reporting. Nigeria’s target of 80% population being knowledgeable about GWD reporting including cash reward for reporting is not achieved. Studies from 2009 and 2010 reported 43% and 41% GWD public awareness in Nigeria, respectively. Nationwide social mobilization and awareness activities were conducted and intensified using radio jingles in three States. We assessed the impact of the intensified activities with jingles on general public awareness for GWD reporting. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted in 2010 using pre-tested, structured questionnaires to collect data on knowledge about the disease, reporting and cash reward. Study population was 2,400 residents from six States using multi-stage random sampling. In three States radio jingles were aired (jingle+) whereas no intensified activities took place in others (jingle-). Level of awareness was assessed and compared between the jingle+ and jingle- States. Chi squared test was used to compare categorical variables. Results: In jingle+ States 54.9% of the respondents (654 of 1191) saw and heard of GWD compared to 23.6% in jingle– States (283/1199, p<0.001). Significantly more respondents in jingle+ States could describe GWD correctly (69.0% versus 48.1%, p<0.001). Description of correct procedures for case reporting was higher in jingle+ States (52.8% versus 17.0%, p<0.001). However, only 24.9% and 6.7% of respondents heard of cash reward in jingle+ and jingle- States, respectively. Conclusions: Awareness creation activities, using radio jingles contributed to increased public awareness for GWD reporting. Using radio jingles should be scaled up nationwide to complement GWD surveillance.

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Ifeoma N. Anagbogu, C. Ityonzughul, P. Nguku

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