Identification of isolates of Salmonella and surveillance of antimicrobial susceptibility in the department of Atlántico, Colombia (2003-2009)

Background: Salmonella is one of the agents most frequently isolated in food poisoning in the department of Atlántico, a problem of public health interest due to its morbidity and socioeconomic impact. The objective is to analyze the results of surveillance for Salmonella, serotyping and antimicrobial susceptibility in the department of Atlántico (2003-2009) and designing strategies for prevention and control. Methods: A retrospective analysis of laboratory surveillance of Salmonella spp isolated from biological samples. We performed biochemical and serological identification of the following antibiotics were evaluated for therapeutic use through the Kirby-Bauer method: trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (SXT), cefotaxime (CTX), chloramphenicol (CHL), ciprofloxacin (CIP), nalidixic acid (NA) and ampicillin (AMP). The data were analyzed in Excel tables Results: Of 63 strains isolated were identified 17 Salmonella serotypes: S Derby 30 (47.6%), S. enteritidis 4 (6.3%), S. dublin and S. typhi with 3( 4.7%), respectively; S. orion, S. Newport. S typhimurium, S. welteureden, S nottingham with 2(3.1%), respectively; S. manhattan, S. paratyphi, S. ependorf, S. san diego, S. saint paul, S. Braenderup, S. Infantis, S. anatum with 1(1.6%) respectively. All serotypes were susceptible to antibiotics behaved AM, CIP and CTX. S. behaved typhi resistant to CHL (33%) and AN (33%), AN S typhimurium (50%) and STX (50%). 47/63 (75% ) of the strains tested were isolated from stool, 35/47 (74%) of outbreaks of food, 14/63 (22% ) of blood cultures,2/63( 1.6%) of urine and vomit respectively Conclusions: Salmonella strains resistant to CHL, AN and STX in the department of Atlántico. In addition to salmonella enteritidis and other serovars, Typhimurium plays an important role. The CIP and CTX sensitivity, has also been reported in other studies. Keywords: Salmonella, antibiotic resistance, serotype, Kirby-Bauer

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, D. Palacio, R. Maestre,

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Guerra Sarmiento
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