Investigation of an outbreak of Cholera in Sae Saboua (District of Guidan-Roumji - Maradi) _ Niger _ August 2010

Background: Cholera is a very contagious infectious disease due to Vibrio cholerae. An estimated 3-5 million cases and over 100,000 deaths occur annually worldwide. In August 2010, suspicious cases of gastroenteritis were notified in the district of Guidan-Roumji and Nine (9) cases were recorded in the health center of Saé Saboua . Therefore, an investigation was conducted with the objective of describing the epidemic, determining the causal agent, and setting control and preventive measures.

Methods: A Cross sectional study was conducted. The cases identification used the W H O form and a line listing were used to compile a cholera database. Distribution patterns of cholera patients were composed by gender, age group, signs and symptoms,, date of onset, travel history, food, water and laboratory results. Analyses of data were performed on Epi-Info 3.1.5, and excel 2007.

Results: A total of 29 cases were recorded and no death. Most of the patients (93%) were under15 years of age and the sex ratio M/F was 0.9. Majority of Cases, (97%) were located in Saé Saboua village. From 7 samples analyzed by Gram staining, (43%) revealed curved Gram negative bacilli, and rapid test performed on 4 samples confirmed 2 positive cases (50%). Index case presented the symptoms after consumption of vegetable bought at the bus station. Vibrio cholerae serotype O1 Ogawa was confirmed as causal agent at National Laboratory of bacteriology.

Conclusion and Recommendations: Isolation of Vibrioncholerae serotype O1 Ogawa by the national reference laboratory confirmed the outbreak. Identification of the source of infection gives the pathway to control the disease and educate the population. 

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Sidikou Fati 1,3, Ousman Sanda2, Ibrahim Alkassoum1, Mounkaila, Morou1, Sani Ousman3, Maitournam Rabi2, Bachir Mayena 4, Ouédraogo Arsène1, Tohon Zilha3, Mamadou Sawadogo5 , Sangaré Lansana5 , Yassa Ndjakani1

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