An Unusual Common Source Outbreak of Anthrax in Humans, Akre, Dahuk, Iraq 2008

Abstract Duhok Directorate General of Health, in collaboration with the Directorate of Veterinary and technical support from World Health Organization Representative Office, Iraq, investigated an outbreak of anthrax in humans and animals in Akre District, Dahuk Province, Iraq during the period from September to October 2008 The outbreak occurred during the holy month of Ramadan; ideally during this month there is a ravenous consumption and sales of various food products will increase, overweighing the capacity of food inspection services. The outbreak had a short period of exposure of humans to the infectious agent and mainly in the affected three villages with anthrax in livestock. Increase in inter-province and trans-border animal movements due to drought for grazing and/or trading reasons, might conclude the imported diseased animal or their products. Strengthening of the disease surveillance is of utmost necessity to prevent the further occurrence of outbreaks, in addition having a timely preparedness and an effective response plan will greatly support to overcome emergencies. The site (s) of the outbreaks were known but how and why the outbreak happened there? It had not been understood completely, this needs to be studied.

Author (s): 

Dr. Abdulla Saed Abdulla, Dr. Serwan Mahamed Aswad

Presenter (s): 
Dr. Kawa Sali
Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, Dec 2011
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