FETP Accreditation

Accreditation Cycle Now Open!


The beginning of January 2015 marks the official opening of an Accreditation cycle for Programs interested to apply.  Accreditation is a process by which Programs are assessed against a set of minimum standards.   The main domains of the minimum standards for FETPs include:

  • Management, Infrastructure and Operations
  • Integration with Public Health Service and Value
  • Staffing and Supervision
  • Selection and Training of Residents

The purpose of accreditation is to increase:

  • The quality of FETPs and their involvement and effectiveness in supporting country health priorities
  • Global field epidemiology capacity and sustainability
  • Recognition of FETPs as key partners within countries, regions, and around the globe

The graphic below shows the four main steps in the overall process of accreditation, note the process can take up to one year to image

Programs interested in applying should submit a letter of intent to TEPHINET secretariat as soon as possible then start working on their accreditation application and corresponding internal work plan for the process. 

Programs interested to apply in the future should consider completing an internal readiness assessment and viewing the Program Orientation for Accreditation provided online before submitting a letter of intent. 

All of the forms and resources for Programs and reviewers to the process can be found on the TEPHINET accreditation website under the Groups and Projects tab: