Miss the Sustainabilty webinar? Watch the archive!

Nothing beats the interaction of the live session. But if you missed the February 21 session facilitated by Annaliese Calhoun of Washington University you can still benefit by viewing the archived webinar right from the TEPHINET web site.  And remember that the free online sustainability assessment, which Professor Calhoun will analyze at no cost to you, is available until March 2. Just access the TEPHINET Classes feature to view the webinar. Sara Andrist of SMDP is available for followup technical assistance via online discussions in the SMDP community group.


About the Webinar:

Public health leaders and managers understand the challenges of keeping public health programs running over the long term.  These challenges stem from a multitude of factors, such as: 

1) shifts or decreases in public health program funding,

2) issues in the organizational setting, 

3) elements of project design, and many others. 

During this session, webinar participants will learn about (1) the “WHAT” and “WHY” of sustainability and (2) how to use Washington University’s Center for Tobacco Policy Research’s Sustainability Assessment Tool, and Sustainability Action Plan Template, which is intended to assist public health program managers to measure existing capacity for sustainability and inform sustainability planning. Complete an online assessment either before or after the webinar to help you with the sustainability of your own health program.Click hereto access the online assessment.  The assessment will close on Friday, March 2nd. 

About the Presenter:

Annaliese Calhoun, MSW, is a project manager at Washington University in St. Louis at the Center for Tobacco Policy Research. Ms. Calhoun manages the CDC-funded Sustainability Tool Dissemination Project.  She also works on the Missouri Foundation for Health's Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Initiative (TPCI) evaluation. She earned her Master of Social Work at Washington University in St Louis, with a focus on system dynamics and management, and a BA in International Relations from Brown University.