Management Webinar - Conducting powerful training needs assessments: How will Monday be different?

Based on the sustainability framework introduced by Washington University, this session addresses an aspect of Organizational Capacity. Workforce readiness is a vital component of organizational capacity, and training programs are a popular intervention.

Stakeholders frequently recommend training as a solution to an organization’s problem. It is not unusual for a training event to be announced before a needs assessment is even conducted. In this session, participants will learn key questions to ask to help ensure trainees apply what they learn when they return to the workplace. Webinar participants are encouraged to bring their own training projects to share.

When you complete this session you will be able to:
- Identify performance problems which can be addressed through training
- Ask key questions to identify the root cause of a performance problem
- Develop a training needs assessment

After the webinar participants will have the opportunity to receive feedback about their own needs assessment processes and tools.






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