Acceptability, coverage and adverse events following immunization (AEFI) of seasonal influenza vaccine (SIV) in Health Care Workers (HCW), as a tracer for influenza A(H1N1)2009 pandemic vaccine (PV) in the Social Security of Costa Rica (CCSS), february 2

Background: CCSS planned introduce PV in Feb2010. Before that, CCSS developed a rapid assessment about SIV among HCW as a tracer of PV. To establish reasons for which HCW did not receive SIV, estimate coverage in 2007-2009 period, and establish AEFI basal level associated to the last SIV campaign.

Methods: Transversal study. A sample size n=2,185 of HCW was calculated for 95% CI, E5% and 50% SIV coverage. HCW in 15 vaccination nucleus, representatives of the country regions, were selected by systematic random sample.

Results: 56.3% HCW were female; the median age was 34 years. The coverage in 2007 to 2009 was 50.2%, 54.7% and 61.6% respectively. 29% of HCW reported at least one chronic illness (Cr), the vaccine coverage was 68%, 73.6% and 82.6%, in 2007 to 2009. Among the reasons for which the HCW did not received a vaccine in the last SIV campaign 45.3% stated that they were not offered a vaccine; 16% believe that vaccine causes too many AEFI; 12% disliked getting shots; 11.4% did not believe influenza was a risky illness and 5.4% stated that the vaccine ran out. Among those vaccinated, 27.2% declared that they had an AEFI, 54% had pain at the injection site, 45.9% headache, 43.2% myalgias and 32.9% fever among others.

Conclusions: The SIV coverage is low in HCW but shows a growing trend mainly among Cr HCW. AEFI were mild. Although still unfounded fears about vaccine, the main causes for not being vaccinated were due to weaknesses in health services. Our results helped to improve the promotion and information to HCW, and strategies of the vaccination program against PV and SIV for broad coverage.

Key words: Costa Rica, adverse events following immunization, seasonal influenza vaccine, health care workers

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Guzmn S Guiselle1,2, Chaves A Alexandra2, Minaya L Percy3

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