Assessment of Sanitation and Hygiene in Fish Landing Sites in Jinja District, Uganda, 2008

Background: Jinja district boarders Lake Victoria with several fish landing sites which are sources of fish to the district and beyond. These sites are highly populated and very busy with a lot of economic activities and settlements. In these landing sites latrine coverage, sanitation and hygiene practices were unknown. The objectives of this study were therefore to assess the sanitation and hygiene coverage, practices and barriers at fish landing sites. Methodology: A cross-sectional study of 96 randomly selected households in four fish landing sites which were purposively selected was carried out in 2008. Data were analyzed using EPI info 3.2.2 Results: Rippon and Masese fish landing sites had one (two stance) public toilet each despite the high populations. 19.8% of respondents in Masese landing site had latrines in their households. Wanyange fish landing site had two (2 stance) public traditional latrines and one (two stance) Ecological Sanitation latrine. Wairaka fish landing site had no latrine. Only 2 of the 5 public toilets had hand washing facilities. 26.3% of households which had pit latrines had hand washing facilities. Excreta disposal practices were; use of latrine (88.5%), defecate in bush (37.5%), defecate in polythene bags (10.4%). Defecate in public toilets at landing sites (68.8%). 51% of respondents said they wash hands with water and soap after visiting a latrine. Barriers to public latrines included; locking public latrine at night (71.9%) and poor maintenance hence they were dirty and smelly (44.8%). Conclusions and Recommendations: Availability and access to sanitary and hygiene facilities was inadequate. Poor sanitation and hygiene practices were prevalent in landing sites. Local authorities should step up sanitation and hygiene promotion to improve access and practices these fish landing sites. Key words: Sanitation and hygiene, Fish Landing Sites Word Count: 273 For more information, email the presenter at:

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Michael Ediau, Raymond Tweheyo, Sarah Byakika, David Kitimbo, Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye

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Mr. Michael Ediau
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