Prevalence and factors associated with staff Burnout Syndrome in a Clinic, San Jose Costa Rica 2007

Background: The effects of chronic work stress work affecting the quality of activities, resulting in the burnout syndrome (SB). Faced with increased disability among employees of the medical records department, laboratory and pharmacy, and few studies of its kind in Costa Rica, was conducted to determine the prevalence and describe associated factors.

Methods: Transversal study in a Clinic in Costa Rica in 2007. Demographic survey and questionnaire Maslach Burnout (MBI) were used, which assesses the three stages of the SB: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment. Case was defined all active workers was a in those departments with scores above 51 in the MBI. Calculated measures of frequencies, central tendency and dispersion, ORP in Epiinfo 3, 3.2.

Results: The prevalence was 49,2%. The department with the highest prevalence was pharmacy (58,4%). The cases had an average age of 40 years (SD 8.6). The most affected were women 70,1% (IC95% = 35.6-84.1), married 57,1% (IC95% = 29.1-72.9) and employees with more than 20 years of working 14,4% (IC95% = 18.2-55.24). Having children (ORP = 4) and being female (ORP = 3) were statistically significant. The area most affected was 43,2% emotional exhaustion. None of the cases had been diagnosed as SB in your health record.

Conclusions: We found a high prevalence of SB in the workers of these three departments, registration and boarding proving inadequate. This underreporting may be greater for somatic causes hide this syndrome, being a limitation of the study. It is recommended to implement mental health program staff, submit findings to occupational health committee and similar studies in all workers of the Costa Rican Social Security.

Keywords: Syndrome Burnout, health officials, Costa Rica, staff

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Authors: Leandra Abarca, S. Maradiegue

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