2010 Session Materials


        Monday, November 1st


Session Description

Systems Thinking about Wicked Problems

In this session participants explored how systems thinking approaches and tools can be used to address complex public health issues and explored strategies to promote the adoption of systems thinking in public health over the long term.

Tuesday, November 2nd


Session Description

Leadership and Management Styles that Succeed

During this session, all participants had the opportunity to reflect on their leadership style and the leadership styles of others.

Meeting Critical Leadership Needs Under Difficult Circumstances

In this session, Zimbabwe presented to indicate that competent and dedicated leaders can enable a failing health system to thrive in the midst of hardship and uncertainties.

Strong Ministries for Strong Health Systems

This session covered the main components of health systems, and the characteristics that make them strong.

Wednesday, November 3rd


Session Description

Building Leadership and Management Capacity in Health

To build leadership and management capacity in health, WHO proposes a framework which addresses the question: “What conditions are necessary for good leadership and management at the operational level"? The framework proposes that good leadership and management at the operational level must be balanced among four areas.

Collaborative Leadership in Public Health is Making a Difference

This panel discussion brought together leaders in public health, private industry and the non-profit sector to demonstrate that challenges in public health can be more effectively overcome through collaboration. The panelists offered their insight about successful methods for making your case to potential partners, creative collaborations and partnership frameworks.

Thursday, November 4th


Session Description

Success Stories in Global Health Policy Development

This session focused on the types of data that are used to drive policy and the contexts in which data are persuasive and influential. Examples from the panelists described public health priorities with large-scale impact on health and with known and effective strategies to intervene.

Values Based Decision Making:  Making Good Decisions that Last

This workshop covered information on how to make difficult choices and how to make them well so that most of the people who are affected, whether they agree with the decision or not, respect the decision and the person who made it.


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