2010 Values Based Decision Making: Making Good Decisions that Last

Values Based Decision Making:  Making Good Decisions that Last

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Session Description:

Most people believe they have integrity. But as a leader it is important to go beyond what you think and look carefully at what your choices say to others about who you are and what you care about. The most difficult choices are not about right vs. wrong, but right vs. right. They are choices where we cannot do everything we want, and important right things are in tension with each other. Leaders can and should bring the language of values and ethics into every decision making conversation. Tough choices and good decisions demand nothing less.

This workshop was about making difficult choices and making them well so that most of the people who are affected, whether they agree with the decision or not, respect the decision and the person who made it. By the end of this workshop, participants were able to:

  • Identify and involve the right stakeholders
  • Conduct productive dialogue about values
  • Make a good, values based decision
  • Identify potential negative consequences of a decision
  • Communicate your decision in a way that creates support from those who must implement it, and those whom it affects

You can access the workshop materials by clicking here.


Denise Traicoff

Training Specialist

Sustainable Management Development Program

Center for Global Health, CDC


Denise Traicoff has worked in global health at CDC since 2002. As a specialist in adult learning, curriculum design and development, she provides technical assistance and consultation in public health management development. She also provides consultation in the selection of appropriate training delivery methods and is leading an initiative in the design and implementation of online learning strategies. Mrs. Traicoff has coordinated and overseen curriculum development and course planning for public health management development and field epidemiology training programs (FETP) in Brazil, Central America, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco and South Sudan, and led the development of a standard FETP curriculum which is being used as a guideline for programs around the world. Before joining CDC, Mrs. Traicoff was the manager of employee training for a large data processing and software development corporation. She has been involved in adult education for over 20 years, as a trainer, training consultant, project manager, and department manager. She also has experience in software development, human resources, and data processing and has worked in a variety of industries.

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