Conduct Powerful Training Needs Assessments: How will Monday be different?

This DISTANCE BASED course enables learners to use practical methods to conduct training needs assessments that are focused on learner performance. This course could be used to as continuing education after classes such as Effective Training from Start to Finish.

Stakeholders frequently recommend training as a solution to an organization’s problem. It is not unusual for a training event to be announced before a needs assessment is even conducted. How can you ensure that the training you deliver will be used when participants go back to work the following Monday?

In this session, participants learn key questions to ask to help ensure trainees apply what they learn when they return to the workplace.

When participants complete the webinar they will be able to:

- Identify performance problems which can be addressed through training
- Ask key questions to identify the root cause of a performance problem
- Develop a training needs assessment

This course includes a PowerPoint presentation, which contains the content of a live webinar that is scheduled by SMDP. An archive of a previously conducted webinar is provided at the TEPHINET course archive, so learners can complete the course at their convenience.

Estimated course length: 1.5 hours (includes webinar time)

Target audience: Public health professionals responsible for design and delivery of courses for adult learners.

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