Evaluation of Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs) Surveillance Systems in District Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Author (s): 

 Dr. Aslam Pervaiz


·         Evaluate the present RTIs surveillance systems in district Lahore with a view to identify key strengths and weaknesses


·         The steps stated in the CDC Guidelines for Evaluating Public Health Surveillance Systems were followed. Main methodology included:

a.        Interviews with the key stakeholders that included:

b.        A methodological review of the available literature


·         These surveillance systems have their own limitations and lacking some aspect of data. However Rescue 1122 is good addition and Tertiary care Hospitals good data source

·         Surveillance efforts of various health programs are not linked

·         Private sector never report data to any system

·          There is no legislative framework to bind private sector to support the initiatives for disease surveillance

·         There is imminent need to develop an integration and multidisciplinary surveillance system


·         An integrated RTIs surveillance system should be implemented

·         By the integration any system can get its lacking information from other

·         They also can share their data to improve its authenticity and reliability

·          Private sector health facilities need to be brought in the surveillance network through continuous advocacy, supportive legislation, regular feedback and other incentives

·         Newly launched Disease surveillance system by IT & Health Deptt. and Trauma Registry by Rescue 1122 should be integrated to avoid duplication of efforts and save resource and collect reliable data

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