Minutes from AWG Conf Call (#1) 1_10_2013

Author (s): 

Renee Subramanian and Dr Carmen Vargas Sanchez

Accreditation of FETPs Working Group - Conference Call Minutes

Thursday January 10, 2013



Accreditation Working Group Members:


  1. Dionisio Herrera, TEPHINET Secretariat
  2. Aftab Jasir, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
  3. Donna Jones, Division of Global Health Capacity Development, CDC
  4. Abderrhmane Maaroufi, DirectorMoroccoFETP
  5. Eduardo Marques Macario, FormerDirector EPISUS, Brazil MOH
  6. Manoj V. Murhekar, Director FETP Chennai, India*
  7. Pierre Nabeth, Director, International Health Regulations, WHO
  8. Jared Omolo, Resident Advisor, Rwanda FETP
  9. Eric Tayag, Director Philippines FETP

Dionisio Herrera

Aftab Jasir

Donna Jones



*Designated January 13

Pierre Nabeth

Jared Omolo

Eric Tayag

Other conference call participants:

Rene Subramanian, TEPHINET Associate Director

Carmen Sanchez-Vargas, AWG Technical Facilitator



  1. Approve the AWG Workplan Proposal
  2. Approve AWG conference call calendar
  3. AWG members will take the lead of one or more specific work products (members will respond a deliverables preference survey to match AWG member interest and products) Jan 17, 2013
  4. AWG TOR document to be drafted by Dr. Aftab and reviewed during Jan 31, 2013 AWGmeeting
  5. TEPHINET will designate a website space for the AWG to deposit work documents and host member communications (Renee Subramanian to send e-mail with instructions)
  6. AWG members will register or update their passwords on the TEPHINET website to be able to join AWG discussions, upload and download documents -Jan 17-30,2013
  7. AWG members will identify within their region or program an alternate regional AWG representative
  8. Facilitator will prepare a) draft email for the AWG to send to PDs within their regions to notify them of the project and request their input and collaboration, b) calendar of conference calls and deliverables, c) calendar invitations



1. TEPHINET Secretariat proposal to facilitate the 2013 activities of the AWG (10 minutes)

2. Discussion of the Workplan Proposal:

a. Organization and terms of reference of the AWG —discussant European Region (10 minutes)
b. Updates to the Accreditation of FETPs Manual —discussant Americas Region (20 minutes)
c. Updates to accreditation process —discussant South-East Asian Region (10 minutes)
d. Calendar of Activities for 2013-2014 — discussant Eastern Mediterranean Region (15 minutes)
e. Rules of order for the AWG —discussant Western Pacific Region (10 minutes)

3. Summary of discussion and agreements

4. Next Steps



  • This January 13, Dr. Manoj V. Murhekar, Director FETP Chennai, India kindly accepted the designation of the South East Asia Region Program Directors to represent them on the AWG
  • Dr. Eduardo Macario(Americas region representative) informed Dr. Herrera of changes in his duty station that prevented him from joining the conference call.
  • The Secretariat has contacted Dr. Maaroufi in three opportunities but it hasn’t been possible to receive his input to the agreements and suggestions made during last conference call


  1. Dionisio Herrera introduced objectives of the meeting and workplan proposal objectives and activities
    1. Workgroup to discuss and approve AWG workplan
    2. Secretariat – coordinates this process, and proposes a consultant to provide technical assistance and facilitation to the AWG. (Carmen Sanchez-Vargas – an FETP graduate who worked at CDC and was CDC team leader in the establishment of Brazil, Central America, and Argentina FETPs and resident advisor of the Colombia FETP, as well as one of the Pilot of Accreditation reviewers}
    3. Secretariat—will set up AWG space on the website for everyone to access the AWG materials and comment on materials
    4. Focus on the plan and determine the roles of the AWG to update documentation, review, update and or develop guidelines and training materials

Note: some changes were made to point # 2 of the agenda, due to the absence of three AWG discussants


  1. Discussion of the Workplan Proposal

AWG organization and terms of reference (roles and responsibilities)—discussant European Region (10 minutes) –Dr. Aftab

  1. AWG –TOR should include how we come to consensus as well
  2. Avoid the use of the term “rules” as this is a more legal term in Europe, instead refer to terms of reference
  3. Proposes tomake the first draft of the AWG TOR to share with the group – but send to TEPHINET secretariat first
  4. The role of the Chair of the AWG(summarized): As part of the terms of reference should agree on a chair that will take the responsibility of the various tasks assigned to various persons.
  5. The AWG should assign the task after making the terms of reference in order to speed up the work much more and to have everyone focused on one area. Of course the information of each member would be shared with the rest of the group (one example would be the update of indicators).

This would not conflict with the role of the AWG facilitator (Carmen), but would oversee and facilitate the task assignment to each person and the person assigned to review the documents updated by the facilitator

  1. The role of the facilitator-is to revise, update the materials, and the role of the AWG is primarily to provide feedback to the documents, NOT to have each member to create the separate documents themselves due to work constraints and the short timeline we are working with for this project.
  2. The role of the AWG members -each AWG member is expected to communicate with PDs in each region for feedback on the documents updated by the facilitator and review and provide comments to the documents. AWG members can work with the chair to volunteer for the area they wish to review and work on, but tasks will be assigned to keep the work moving forward (Eric Tayag)
  3. The role of the secretariat - will coordinate the process and provide all the support needed to guaranty the work of the AWG.


Discussion of Assigning Members to the Various AWG Tasks:


  1. The AWG participants agreed with the suggestion made by Dr. Aftab
  2. To facilitate the distribution of task Dr. Tayag suggested that the responsibility for each deliverable shall be given to members to avoid delays given the busy schedules of AWG members.
  3. The facilitator offered to prepare a short deliverables preference survey to properly assign tasks to the AWG members
  4. Dr. Tayag was concerned about the magnitude of the work involved in developing each product and the different degrees of completion of the existing accreditation documents and suggested that a description of the effort needed were provided as part of the survey



3. Summary of Review and Discussion of the AWG Work Plan


  1. Dr. Tayagnoted that the work will be done on multiple objectives simultaneously, and this requires great coordination- he asked how the work of each member is going to be oriented if they have to develop a proposal of the work they will be providing guidance and oversight-
  2. Dr. Jones askedfor a clarification if the documents will be developed by the AWG members or they will they be simply asked to review drafts prepared by the facilitator
  3. Dr. Herreraclarified that because of the calendar approved and of the volunteer nature of the work of the AWG members it would be very difficult to have the group actually developing the documents
  4. The facilitatornoted that in spite of the work she will do preparing drafts of documents, in-between conference calls the AGW embers would need to dedicate some hours each month to provide guidance to the facilitator and obtain input from the PDs in each of their regions they represent
  5. Dr. Tayagasked about the nature of the work needed to develop items like the accreditation decision-making algorithm and suggested that tasks like these could be developed using email and the TEPHINET web space for ongoing comments and discussion and to use conference calls to review final decisions/recommendations
  6. The group agreed on the need to have the facilitator preparing a more detailed description of each deliverable to coordinate her work with each member of the AWG
  7. The PDs during their meeting in Amman suggested the need to have at least one AWG in person meeting or retreat to review and plan their work
  8. Dr. Herrerainformed that he has been approaching donors to request a one-time donation to cover these meeting expenses. He proposed to CDC the pairing of some of their FETP program evaluation and the AWG work to coincide with the EIS Conference and International Night in Atlanta on April 22-26. He will inform the group of the results of his fundraising activity.
  9. Drs. Tayag and Jonesemphasized the fact that the group has approved a very ambitious timeline and many members may not have completed this type of work before; thus recommending close follow-up of progress, observation of deadlines and flexibility.
  10. To this end,Dr. Tayag proposed thatmembers identify, within their region or program, an alternate representative to help with tasks and to attend a meeting when the primary can’t do it – it should be noted that this designation should be made in consultation with the region’s PDs.



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