MIPH Program Overview


The 2011 Management for Improved Public Health (MIPH) Program


CDC’s Sustainable Management Development Program (SMDP) increases the competencies and capabilities of individuals, organizations and partnerships to improve program operations and maximize public health impact through management and leadership development. In 2011, SMDP will host two of its flagship activities, the Global Health Leadership Forum (Forum) and the Management for Improved Public Health (MIPH) program, through an integrated approach to improve the performance of health systems in low and middle income countries. SMDP’s systems approach is designed to strengthen collaborations between senior-level leaders and managers as they work towards achieving national and global health objectives.  Here is how it works:


  • As visionaries for health improvement, teams of senior leaders will attend the Forum (November 7-11, 2011) in Atlanta, Georgia, with additional sessions in Washington, D.C. (November 14-15, 2011). They will explore tested leadership approaches, share experiences and success stories with their peers and network with CDC leaders. Each country team will propose a priority health systems strengthening project that it will address over the ensuing 9-12 months.


  • Following the Forum, teams of senior managers will attend a regional MIPH program in Vietnam (November 28- December 9, 2011) to develop their management skills and design an implementation plan for the health systems strengthening project selected by their leadership. Immediately after the MIPH program, SMDP will offer a 2 day Training of Trainers (TOT) session for managers whose selected systems strengthening projects involve training (December 12-13, 2011). Upon return to their countries, managers will work with senior leaders to implement the projects over the next 9-12 months.
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