October 2011: University of Zambia DPH launches its Management for Public Health Program

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Denise Traicoff

After months of careful planning the University of Zambia Department of Public Health launched a new management development program, with the goal of increasing public health managers’ ability to improve health outcomes. The program itself is the brainchild of 2 MIPH graduates, Dr. Alwyn Mwinga- CDC Zambia and Oliver Mweemba- UNZA, who identified this need during the 2010 course in Botswana. CDC Zambia and staff from the Sustainable Management Development Program worked with UNZA faculty and additional MIPH graduates to identify the needed competencies, design the curriculum and develop the materials. The program began with a 2-week course in October, during which participants developed a plan for a management improvement project. Each participant was paired with an UNZA faculty member who will provide technical assistance while the project is underway. After six months, participants will reconvene at UNZA to share the results of their work and obtain continuing education. The first cohort was comprised of highly motivated and experienced health professionals from each of Zambia’s 9 provinces, the Department of Defense and one international participant from Guinea Bissau. These 30 participants reported that project management, financial management, process improvement and team building were the most useful topics of the course.



Zambia MfPH 2012 Class photo
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