Team Building

This highly interactive class provides practical methods for working effectively in a team and avoiding negative behaviors. It is designed to be adaptable to local cultures.

When participants complete this class, they will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of effectively functioning teams as an essential element to successful public health programs 
  • Describe how to create more effective working relationships among team members 
  • Create positive and productive team agreements and norms 
  • Select specific skills and tools when creating alignment within diverse teams 
  • Choose effective responses to resolve common problem behaviors present in teams

The course includes a workbook and facilitator guide. A PowerPoint presentation, though provided, is highly discouraged; rather it is recommended that the facilitator mingle with the participants.

Estimated course length: 4 hours

Target audience: Any public health professional who works in a team environment. Intact teams can learn together, or participants can work with members of various work units.

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