MIPH Curriculum

The Management for International Public Health (MIPH) Program is based on a set of public health mangement competencies (as listed below) that focuses on the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors needed to manage public health teams, programs, and organizations. 

Click on the course topics provided in the tables to access the training materials. 

Core Competencies:

Self Development  -  Communication  -  Results Driven  -  Cultural Awareness  -  Public Health Sciences

Management Competencies:

Planning  -  Staffing  -  Collaborting & Partnering  -  Monitoring & Evaluating  -  Financial Management  -  Leadership

Core Competencies




Self Development

Show willingness to learn from previous experiences and mistakes, and applies lessons to improve performance



Speak and write clearly, adapting communication styles and methods that are appropriate for the needs of the intended audience

Results Driven

Focus on desired results, and sets and achieves challenging goals 



Cultural Awareness

Interact sensitively, effectively, and professionally with persons from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, and professional backgrounds to achieve more effective results

Public Health Sciences

Apply the basic public health sciences (including, but not limited to biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration, and social and behavioral health sciences) to public health policies and programs


Management Competencies





Develop, articulate, and implement a strategic plan that leads the organization toward accomplishing its vision and mission


Acquire, maintain, and retain human resources

Collaborating & Partnering

Establish and maintain relationships to achieve organization goals

Monitoring & Evaluating

Process for tracking activities and assessing the performance of those activities, and/or using assessment results to reassess program activities


Financial Management

Estimate, justify, and manage appropriate funding levels to support mission accomplishment



Conduct a comprehensive review of the organization’s work to seek and identify opportunities for accomplishing its mission


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