Noncommunicable Disease (NCD) Training for the Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP)

Group Mission

The NCD training for the FETP was developed to strengthen countries’ capacity in NCD.  The training modules and related project work are the fruit of a collaborative effort between the Division of Public Health Systems and Workforce Development (DPHSWD) at the Center for Global Health and the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) at CDC.  The core, required NCD training material is aimed at those FETP trainees who choose to focus on NCD and gain a higher level of skills and competencies in areas related to chronic disease.  The NCD training modules also include materials that can be used for non-FETP trainees in the form of short courses.  All training modules (listed below) represent the didactic part of the training and are highly interactive with many opportunities to practice skills in the classroom; however, the focus remains on field projects and products in order to gain the required competencies. 

To view a list of NCD-focused competencies (both core and recommended) and the training modules that support those competencies, click on the link below.

NCD Competencies and Modules

Core, Required NCD Training Materials

Introductory Training Materials

Consist of training modules (lessons) that teach NCD epidemiology, surveillance, and prevention and control; can be taught to an entire FETP cohort.

8 instructor-led modules, (approximately 25 hours in duration), can be provided during an FETP introductory course.

More Advanced Training Materials

NCD-focused training for 1st and 2nd year FETP trainees who are working with NCDs that build upon the skills taught in the introductory materials. Many of these support the completion of NCD-related field products (e.g. surveillance analysis/evaluation, planned investigation).

6 modules ( approximately 56 hours in duration): 1 webinar, which can also be used as an instructor-led presentation, and 5 self-paced, paper-based training modules which can  be given one-on-one with a mentor or in a classroom.

Elective Training Materials

Electives Materials

Consist of more advanced NCD-focused training for 2nd year FETP fellows who have the desire and necessary skills to learn higher level of chronic disease epidemiology or management type skills.

5 training modules
(approximately 43 hours in duration) are self-pace / paper-based (which can be given one-on-one with a mentor or in a classroom).

Short Course Training Materials

Short Course Materials

Consist of six training modules (approximately 26 hours in duration) developed specifically for non-FETP short courses. Introductory and more advanced modules can also be given during a short course.

The goal of this type of training is to create a pool of qualified NCD implementers within a Ministry of Health, who are not part of the FETP. Participants will be health professionals, but not necessarily with a medical degree.