How to add a new program site


Steps to add a new Program site.

  1. while logged in as webmaster role go to
  2. enter the name, brief description, location, full description
  3. get the flag from Wikipedia if a country or the logo from the organization if a regional network – upload this as the group image (for example then right-click save as… to make a png image)
  4. Leave as language neutral
  5. select the vocabularies – Region-Country-Program and Countries
  6. set the menu item, typically the group name (country name) under Primary Links > Programs
  7. Set group options Membership requests: moderated
  8. Set the author to be the program director or key staff person (if known and if already has account on library)
    1. If unknown, set this value as TEHINET Secretariat
  9. Set publishing options as “Published”
  10. Uncheck automatic URL Alias, and set the URL as program/[country] or region[regional group name]
  11. save