Welcome to the Library

The TEPHINET library is a place for groups to share and discuss knowledge about public health and other topics of interest to the community.  You must be logged in to access the Library.  To login, click here and you will be redirected back to the Library.


You must have an account in order to login.  If you do not have an account, go to http://www.tephinet.org/ and create one.  After you login, return to this page by clicking on the Library tab in the menu.

Site Status / Roles

Your status in the TEPHINET Library server is not verified. You can get your status in this site verified by emailing your program staff in your country or the TEPHINET secretariat.   If your status is verified in the main WWW server, we will need to manually update your account on the Library to set you as an Instructor or Program Staff as applicable. We are working on the automatic process to make these synchronize, but it is still in progress. Email secretariat@tephinet.org to have your online account reviewed. Statuses / role, grant you additional permissions within the TEPHINET Library web site.