Climate Information for Public Health - Curriculum for Best Practices

Public health professionals, field epidemiologists, health management workers and health policymakers are increasingly concerned about the potential impact that climate can have on public health.


Short Course Training Materials


Below is a list of instructor-led NCD-focused training modules developed specifically for short courses for non-FETP trainees.   The introductory and more advanced modules can also be given during the short course.

The goal of this type of training is to create a pool of qualified NCD implementers within a Ministry of Health, who are not part of the FETP.  Participants will be health professionals, but not necessarily with a medical degree.

Elective Training Materials

Below is a list of NCD-focused elective training materials.  They donot teach the core, required competencies, but can be given to FETP residents who have (or will have) management responsibilities or to other health professionals to build NCD capacity.   The training modules that are self-paced/ paper-based can be completed one-on-one with a mentor OR in the classroom.  The webinars will be offered by subject matter experts periodically, but can also be taught in a classroom using the PowerPoint presentations.

Core, Required NCD Training Materials: More Advanced Training

***Please note that these training modules are currently being finalized.   Once they are finalized, they will be accessible to download.***


Below is a list of NCD-focused core training modules that can be given to FETP trainees after the introductory modules.   There is one webinar and five self-paced/paper-based training modules. The self-paced materials can be given one-on-one with the guidance of a mentor, or in a classroom. 

University of Ghana SPH IMPHI Course

University of Ghana School of Public Health announces its 2011 course, to be held 20 June-15 July. Coordinated by MIPH graduate Dr. Samuel Sackey, this four week course is open to AFENET member countries and other African countries. The Univ of Ghana classroom experience is the first step of a 3 month development program that will culminate in November, when participants present results of their program project. Participants receive mentoring to help them design and complete their field project.

Venue: University of Ghana, School of Public Health, Legon


TEPHINET sponsors, hosts, encourages, and otherwise supports the development and advancement of learning in the field of public health.  To this end, we host a variety of curricula and groups who maintain and develop curricula.  If you would like to host a curriculum group here, please contact us to get your curriculum added to the Curricula menu under Training Materials and Case Studies.

MIPH Curriculum

The Management for International Public Health (MIPH) Program is based on a set of public health mangement competencies (as listed below) that focuses on the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors needed to manage public health teams, programs, and organizations. 

Click on the course topics provided in the tables to access the training materials. 

Core Competencies:

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