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Has the term "capacity building" lost its meaning?


If you looked up the term capacity building, you would get several different definitions.  Because of this, some people believe the definitions of the term capacity building are too broad and are being used primiarly to focus on training. 

What are your thoughts about the term capacity building? How do you define capacity building?  Has it lost its meaning?  How does your definition differ from the author's definition?  Click here to read the featured article in the MIPH E-Note on capacity building. 


Public Health Bullets

This group posts and discusses current news articles and research on public health.

This group provides a forum for posting and discussing summaries of research and news articles concerning TEPHINET members.  Members of the group post comments about the articles and can post new summaries.  The summaries should all have a URL of a web site where the original article can be found.  ONLY post summaries here.

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