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Building and maintaining the highest possible quality of a field-based training program is essential to the credibility of a program and ensures that it is responsive to the needs of the host country or region and is able to make the greatest contribution to public health.

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October 2011: University of Zambia DPH launches its Management for Public Health Program

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Denise Traicoff

After months of careful planning the University of Zambia Department of Public Health launched a new management development program, with the goal of increasing public health managers’ ability to improve health outcomes. The program itself is the brainchild of 2 MIPH graduates, Dr. Alwyn Mwinga- CDC Zambia and Oliver Mweemba- UNZA, who identified this need during the 2010 course in Botswana.

2011 Regional MIPH Program

 Management for Improving Public Health -- November 28-December 9, 2011

 The two-week course provides managers with an opportunity to develop a project and implementation plan that supports a priority systems strengthening strategy. The result is that public health staff is better equipped to set priorities, plan and implement programs, and achieve public health program objectives.

 Participants will develop and enhance skills in:

CDC SMDP Management for Improved Public Health (MIPH)

This group is for current and former MIPH graduates, as a means to continue collaboration and information sharing.

CDC’s MIPH program helps developing countries build the skills of their managers in response to critical challenges.  The two-week course provides managers with an opportunity to develop a project and implementation plan that supports a priority systems strengthening strategy.

2010 Leadership and Management Styles that Succeed

 Leadership and Management Styles that Succeed

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University of Ghana SPH IMPHI Course

University of Ghana School of Public Health announces its 2011 course, to be held 20 June-15 July. Coordinated by MIPH graduate Dr. Samuel Sackey, this four week course is open to AFENET member countries and other African countries. The Univ of Ghana classroom experience is the first step of a 3 month development program that will culminate in November, when participants present results of their program project. Participants receive mentoring to help them design and complete their field project.

Venue: University of Ghana, School of Public Health, Legon

CDC Sustainable Management Development Program

This group welcomes public health professionals who are interested in the role that leadership and management play in improving health

Building country capacity to achieve

SMDP engages, develops, and supports health leaders by building country capacity to achieve lasting health improvements, developing strong partnerships, providing strategic leadership, and advancing the science base through applied research and evaluation.

Public Health Leadership and Management for Graduates of Applied Epidemiology Programs

This workshop took place December 13, 2010 during the Sixth TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Public Health Leadership and Management workshop provided an overview on essential competencies required for public health leadership and management for public health. The workshop agenda is attached.

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