An outbreak of shigellosis linked to imported basil. The importance of standardized genotyping tools and traceability systems, Norway, October 2011

Background: On 9 October 2011, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health was alerted about an increase in Shigella sonnei infections in Troms, northern Norway with identical Multiple-Locus Variable number tandem repeat Analysis (MLVA) profile previously unknown in Norway. Most cases had consumed food provided by one local delicatessen. On 14 October, S.

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B Guzman-Herrador1,2, E Nilsen3, L Jensvoll4, JM Kvamme3, A Lindegård Aanstad4, B Lindstedt1, K Nygård1, G Severinsen5, A Wester1, M Wiklund3, L Vold1. (1.Norwegian Institute of Public Health, 2. European Program for Intervention Epidemiology Training. 3.


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B Guzman-Herrador
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EIS International Night 2012
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