SMDP helps prepare STOP volunteers to conquer polio challenges

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Denise Traicoff

The global effort to eradicate polio is the largest public health initiative in history. CDC has been an active partner in this initiative, providing technical assistance for polio outbreak response, surveillance reviews, strategy refinement through innovative research, and vaccination campaign planning, monitoring, and evaluation. In addition, CDC has played a major role in the recruitment and training for a global volunteer program called Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP).

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How to measure "success" in training?

With the emphasis on 'competency-based' training, how do you measure success? Particularly with the complex responsibilities of graduates of public health management or field epidemiology training programs, what do you measure that can inform your program's direction? Process indicators abound: number of graduates, costs per student, stacks of materials that have been produced. But does it have an impact? This is a challenge for almost any job, in hundreds of industries throughout the world.

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