Investigation of a Measles Outbreak and Appraisal of Measles Elimination Indicators – Qasseem Region, Saudi Arabia, 2011

Background: The Saudi Arabia Measles Elimination Program (MEP) is committed to success by the end of 2015. In early 2011, a Measles outbreak was reported from the Buraidah sector of Qasseem region. An FETP team investigated the outbreak to identify risk factors and make recommendations to improve the MEP.

Author (s): 
Ibraheem Mohammed Ali Al-Nahellah, S.H.S. Al-Busaidi, F.M.A. Mashragi, A.J. Choudhry, M.N. Abdalla


Presenter (s): 
Ibraheem Mohammed Ali Al-Nahellah
EIS International Night 2012
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