Project Excite Teaching Materials for Outbreak Investigations

This is a nice resource for teaching basic principles of outbreak investigation to children or to the general semi-educated public.

How to measure "success" in training?

With the emphasis on 'competency-based' training, how do you measure success? Particularly with the complex responsibilities of graduates of public health management or field epidemiology training programs, what do you measure that can inform your program's direction? Process indicators abound: number of graduates, costs per student, stacks of materials that have been produced. But does it have an impact? This is a challenge for almost any job, in hundreds of industries throughout the world.

Laboratory Quality Management System - Training Toolkit

About this training toolkit

Training laboratory managers, senior biologists, and technologists in quality management systems is a step towards obtaining international recognition; it is a step that all countries should take. This training toolkit is intended to provide comprehensive materials that will allow for designing and organizing training workshops for all stakeholders in health laboratory processes, from management, to administration, to bench-work laboratorians.

Let's talk at the global conference.

If anyone is available, come to the ethics workshops at the TEPHINET Global conference in South Africa this December.  

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Ethics Case studies for group discussion


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World Health Organization

Department of Ethics, Equity, Trade and Human Rights

Andreas Reis et al. v2008

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