urban slum

Epidemiological and Microbiological investigation of cholera outbreak in a marsh slum area of Lagos, South Western Nigeria, 2011.

Background: Cholera epidemics are common in Nigeria and cause high morbidity and mortality. In March, 2011, we investigated an outbreak of suspected cholera in Ajegunle – a marsh slum in Lagos State, Nigeria, to confirm the outbreak and institute control measures.

Author (s): 
A. Aman-Oloniyo, O. Fawole, P.Nguku, S. Idris, O. Biya , J. Idris, F. Olugbile, F. Taiwo, O. Bakare, A. Odor, G. Balogun, A. Oduneye, D. Modupe, A. Mbata


Presenter (s): 
Olawunmi Adeoye
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